Sunday, January 31, 2010

poptropica account

Yep.....................Looks like we're down for now.But I'm 'bout to have a contest.Just comment here and one person will win an account with 5-stars battle ranking and no islands beat.That's O.K. so you can get tons of credits by beating islands.Contest rules:don't take anyone's idea's.I will disqalify you.You must leave your email adress and an idea of what a cool poptropica cheat could be.The contest ends on febuary 25.

Black Widow Wallpaper!

Looks like THE Black Widow has taken over!And now what she made herself a wallpaper.Please be carful though.She might bite you! :lol:

Hey poptropica peeps!This is a new blog for poptropicans!My name is Popcoder and I am a popfreak.I am really happy to own my own blog now and I will post alot.....And by alot I mean ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Out for now